Business and Executive Coach

Support to close the gap between where you are and where you intend to be.

Through my relationship with Choicepoint Consulting, since 2005 I have been teaching a course entitled, “Masterful Coaching” to senior managers at Intuit Inc. (the developers of Quickbooks™, Quicken™, TurboTax™ etc.), and Aera Energy (a subsidiary of Shell and Exxon Mobile). This also has involved following-up as a job coach with course participants.

As an aside, through Choicepoint Consulting, I also teach a course entitled “Masterful Conversations” which is an advanced communications course to support management and direct reports in gaining the tools to conduct difficult conversations skillfully. Working in the corporate arena has added to the coaching skill set that I have developed since 2000, working with business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

Research by the International Coach Federation, sampling over 4,000 companies, shows that the primary benefits of coaching which businesses consistently report are (in order):
  • Improved individual performance
  • Bottom-line results, including profit, client service and competitiveness
  • Development of people to the next level
  • Confidence raising, skills enhancement and self empowerment
  • Goal achievement
  • Relationship improvements
  • Retention

David Pasikov can help you set your professional goals, performance goals, organizational goals, relationship goals. Having a business and executive coach will help you succeed.  Call today for a free 20 minute consultation to see how David can help you. 303-442-6366

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