Family Relationships Coach

Support to close the gap between where you are and where you intend to be.

Relationship Coaching has many of the same elements as Life Coaching. The difference is that there are two people present. There also are times when a family can also be coached.

family relationships, relationship coaching to resolve conflicts

In addition to supporting each person in releasing blocks to their fulfillment, blocks in family relationships need to be addressed such as:
  • Clearing up old and current discords, disappointments and hurts.
  • Establishing agreements and following through.
  • Stress management including finding a balance between work life and home life.
  • If there are children involved, ensuring that there is accord in their co-parenting.
  • Resourcing the couple with effective communication tools.
  • Setting intentions and goals.
I see my role as one who:
  • Sets the tone and creates a safe place for the couple to express their truths.
  • Provides facilitation to get to the important issues and keep things on track.
  • Empowers the individuals to act as a partnership.
  • Assists the individuals to try new tools to communicate more effectively.

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